Used by German industrial companies for over 45 years, Mecafrance ball valves are known all over the world today. When technical situations require high standards, Mecafrance ball valves are at the top of the list.
They are made to last. If a part needs to be changed this can be done quickly and without fuss thanks to the valve's three-part design. During the replacement work, the valve can be left in the pipe and only rarely needs to be demounted.


As a standard feature the valve is made from premium stainless steel or carbon steel. Other materials are available at customers' requests. DN 8-150 valves are always in stock. DN 200-250 valves are available to order. Fittings and welding ends conform to ISO standards, internal threads or flange ends conform to DIN standards and are available in different pressure ranges or can be custom-built.

Joints and gaskets

Mecafrance ball valves are equipped with joints and gaskets made from PTFE or PTFE/GRP (PTFE with reinforced fibreglass) depending on the nominal size, or may also be custom-built. If the valve operates outside of our standard pressure/temperature curve then we can fit high-temperature joints and gaskets. Depending on the temperature, different joints and gaskets are available right up to a metallic sealing system.


Valves are available in R… design or in RA… design and are operated using a hand lever, or using a mounting flange respectively. Ball valves with mounting flanges are designed for pneumatic or electric drives. We have our own brand of PremiAir (pneum.) and BIFFI (electric) drives in stock. However, we will gladly design custom-built drives. Limit switches/positioners as well as magnetic valves can be delivered from stock.

We would be happy to deal with your queries so that we can provide you with a more specific solution. If required, we provided detailed documentation along with our offers.